Jake Hull received his degree in music from Christopher Newport University. Since, he has gone on to perform on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, score for film and theatre, and produce solo artists and bands.

Over his 15+ years as a musician Jake has dedicated himself to learning (and most of the time teaching himself) to play nearly 20 insruments, including: guitar, piano, sitar, oud, mandolin, banjo, native american flutes, harmonium, clarinet, accordion, cello, drum kit, hand-percussion, hammered dulcimer, ukulele, kora, as well as programming synth.

Specializing in both sample-based and live-recorded scores he brings versatility, dedication, and years of experience. With intense commitment to every project and stylistic flexibility he has made a name for himself as a prolific composer with incredible attention to detail and rapid turnaround.

His scoring has included work for the Virginia Stage Company, the Governor's School for the Arts, CalArts, and Regent University. 


For mock-ups, fully mastered scores, and production Jake uses:

  • DAW: Logic Pro X & Pro Tools (Apogee Duet 2 as interface)
  • Libraries: Vienna Symphonic Library, Spitfire Audio - Albion Series, L.A. Scoring Strings, Output (Rev & Signal), Komplete 10, Waves Mercury, Slate Audio, 8Dio samples, 
  • Amps: Vox AC30 (Handwired), Fender 1969 Twin Reverb, REDDI Bass DI
  • Pedals: Strymon, Eventide, Walrus Audio, Xotic, JHS, Fulltone, Boss, MXR
  • A range of live recorded world instruments (including sitar, oud, hammered dulcimer, world flutes)