Jake Hull began playing and studying music 15+ years ago. Although it wasn't until his teenage years that he picked up his first instrument (the trumpet), a childhood of wandering and wondering through the forests behind his house shaped his imagination and sense of boundless curiosity.


 training & touring

As a student of music, Jake Hull has broad and deep interests. Theory, composition, sound design, are just a few of the disciplines he was drawn to in college. However, it was the evocative and transcendental experiences with world music that led him to his degree, in Music History/Literature and World Music.

Having now toured nationally with bands such as The Jake Clemons Band, The Last Bison, Pyrrhic Whim, and Momentary Prophets, Jake honed his skills as a collaborator and team member - an attitude that informs his work as a composer. It was his work with these bands that led to Hull's love of producing and helping artists explore the breadth of their sound and capabilities.

It was also during this time that Hull played on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno



While Hull was still touring and refining his sound, he began composing for theater, short films, and live experiences. His work spans live renditions of Shakespeare's The Tempest, to new adaptations of Oliver Twist, to jazz-inspired works for A Streetcar Named Desire.

Through years of study, professional touring and song-writing, Jake Hull has developed a unique sound and a lifestyle built around imagination and passion. He dedicates not just his time, gear, and skills to each project but also an attitude of excitement and ethic to discover the perfect score for each story.

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